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A Perfect Measure of Margherita (2017)

A Perfect Measure of Margherita (2017)

The story behind the painting

A Perfect Measure of Margherita (2017)

After first meeting Margherita in 2010, as part of the Wallace Gallery’s ‘Legato’ exhibition, I was delighted to discover that our paths would cross again when I moved to her home town of Whitianga in 2012. One of the Mercury Bay Art Escape members, Margherita started coming to my drawing classes, and our friendship bloomed – within, around and aside from the student/teacher format. Margherita’s Italian passion, independence and cheeky humour met my creative passion, structured teaching plan and British sarcasm head on, and the sparks were wonderful! A talented watercolour artist, Margherita struggled with the precision of my drawing methods and expectations, but has conceded on many occasions (somewhat grudgingly) that her work has improved with her new focus on detail. She says “Maestra, you’re in my head when I’m at home, telling me to measure… I hate it! And I hate that you’re right!” Needless to say, I love this colourful, flamboyant, strong and honest woman.


    • 900 x 600 mm
    • acrylic paint on marine ply
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