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Student Showcase

Here are images of work produced by some of my students in New Zealand. 

Subject matter varies widely from realistic portraiture to abstract expressionism - I work closely with each student to help them develop new technical skills, to hone their artistic eyes, to uncover their creative depths... and to learn to see the world in a new way! 


Some of these students were complete beginners before coming to my classes, and some of these examples of work have been produced after just a few months of classes!

Each student brings their passion, commitment and courage to the process of learning a new creative skill, and it always opens up new doors. I aim to help each student develop enough confidence in their painting or drawing process to be able to continue on their own, and to feel able to approach any new project with an understanding of how to proceed to get the results they want.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about my upcoming classes, or if you would like me to come to your place and run a workshop for your art group!

For all levels of skill - grow, gain confidence, learn a new creative language... and HAVE FUN while doing it!!

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