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"Charlotte has an amazing ability to bring out the best in her students and teaches them the skills they need to reach a very high standard.

Everyone gets a share of individual help during each worthwhile session.

Under her tutelage I produced  drawings I would never have thought myself capable of."

Noeline, Whitianga

"Charlotte is a skilled and wonderful teacher - one of the 2 most influential I've had.  

She recognises and develops the unleashed skills of each of her pupils by spending several one on one tuition times with each pupil during a session. Her classes are structured, intense and, above all, enjoyable and fun."

Jane, Hahei

With Charlotte I am finally learning the real 'how to' of drawing. Charlotte helps you gain more control in drawing so that your pictures begin to pop out. She does this first by teaching you the unglamourous part of drawing, the mechanics and how to truly look at something without getting distracted by the perceptions of how you 'think' something should look.  I'm certain that a few new students have turned up and been given the ruler and a grid by Charlotte and left the class never to come back. Perceptions of art and the reality of implementing a drawing often clash. In order to learn you have to concentrate, and then you feel the synapses in your brain firing and complaining as you learn more every class. Charlotte helps you to refine every piece with her tips and teachings. You also incidentally end up with drawings good enough to frame and give as presents, which is a bonus. 


I've also taken Charlotte's painting weekend workshops and somehow ended up with a beautiful painting that I would have never guessed I could do. I was able to take the tips and hints from that painting class and put them into my personal paintings, which have become sharper looking. Again, I got a great present to give away out of it. Charlotte is an exacting teacher, demanding/expecting the best from her students at all times. And she is one of the kindest teachers at the same time... so I can always feel at ease in her classes. Anyone to have her as a teacher is pretty lucky!"

Rachael, Whitianga

"I began art classes near the end of last year with a little trepidation. 

Am I too old to learn? 

Will they be a friendly bunch?

All my worries soon disappeared as I became totally immersed in learning new skills. 

Charlotte's teaching methods have you producing results from the very first class.

She is constantly giving you feedback and encouragement as you progress. 

I look forward to my class every week which is shared with friendly, supportive and like minded people." 

Margaret G, Hahei

"Thank you for sharing these wonderful workshops. You are an amazing teacher with great sense of humour and the ability to teach anyone how to paint beautifully. You are a professional who teaches with heart and soul fully involved. No words can thank you for the blessings you shared with me and Ocean."

Osher, Whitianga 

"During 2015 and 2016 I attended Charlotte's Life Drawing classes. Charlotte has a great approach to teaching and I learnt a great deal in a warm, supportive environment - and with a good balance of fun and laughter. I would highly recommend her classes for anyone at any level."

Margaret I, Hahei

"As part of her art scholarship my daughter participated in Charlottes art classes.  From there I was encouraged to attend and then my son also. 

Charlotte has the ability to coach at the level and interest of the student. Her specific feedback, demonstrations and techniques made learning progress quickly. 

Charlottes humour keeps the class light, fun whilst still focused.  This personalised approach extended my daughter, encouraged me to new skills and brought my son to enjoy art again.  Thank you Charlotte- we whole heartedly recommend your classes and am missing them whilst away."

Anne, Whitianga

"I have always come away from Charlotte's teaching sessions not only with a feeling I have made progress but also that I had  very enjoyable time. She is a great facilitator on both counts." 

Jenny, Whitianga

"My lovely friend Anne invited me to do one of Charlottes classes and I thought why not, I loved art classes when I was younger, and she said it didn't matter that I hadn't painted since I was 14 ! 

The weekend arrived and on the morning of I suddenly thought " maybe I had been a bit hasty" and all the negative voices had a field day. 

As soon as I walked in the door I was made welcome and we were into it. 

Charlotte manages to convey the essence of what's needed so brilliantly and next thing you know, your picture is taking shape. 

I have done 3 workshops with her and they were all fun and rewarding. 

You won't regret signing up and it's worth every cent. 

Thank you again Charlotte for sharing your passion with us"

Jude Lay, Wellbeing Consultant

"Charlotte you are an exquisite art teacher, taking your students into the next level of setting artistic potential free, discovering and exploring the artist within.

Thank you so much, I enjoyed your life drawing and painting classes immensely."

Marguerite Muellers, Psychotherapist

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