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Big Skies Series

This is the 'diary entry' series of paintings that turned my life around. Over 3 years (2012-15) I did 117 of these illustrative paintings which chronicle my adventures (both internal and external) as I settled into a new home on the Coromandel Peninsula. Each painting has a personal resonance, either as a way of remembering what I was thinking about, or simply a new and beautiful view I'd discovered as I explored this gorgeous coastal area. And yes, that's me in them all!!


This body of work is not just a tourist's dream collection of Coromandel views, recommendations and stories, or even just the tale of an Adventurer... on a deeper level it is also my journey of self acceptance and the story of me "trying to find my place". 


I have published a book containing 90 of these paintings and the stories connected to each artwork. 'Wandering Under Big Skies' is available here and can be posted worldwide. Please email me for more information!

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