Leaving the Shadowed Path (2014)

Leaving the Shadowed Path (2014)


    • 1200 x 6000mm
    • acrylic paint on meranti marine ply, with matte archival UV varnish.
    • this artwork is on a beautiful bevelled-edge piece of high quality meranti marine play, and has been treated with an epoxy sealant, so the wood will not warp in domestic conditions.
    • Please note: this piece of marine ply is 18mm thick, which means the artwork is very heavy. When hanging the work, make sure you fix it to a stud or noggin in the wall.
    • if you would like to see a photo of the painting including its plywood edge, please email me.
    • The painting has been varnished (with a matte varnish so there are no reflections) which means that you can remove any organic marks from the painting surface (using a non-fluffy cloth) without damaging the artwork at all.
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    For International delivery, please email Charlotte before placing your order. Courier charges will be worked out on an individual basis, to ensure you get the best deal and most secure, efficient service.