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May 2019 - interview with Nic Roderick from The Little Village Movement 

The Little Village Movement 

30 minute interview with Charlotte in May 2019 (including 3 musical selections!), talking about her different painting styles, the courage needed to develop and change as an artist and the program of drawing classes she runs in New Plymouth which is helping many people to gain additional confidence through learning a new creative skill - and change the way they see.

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Charlotte Giblin. Artist, Raconteur

Chatting to a creative who also uses her business brain to earn a living seems kind of out of sync.

Even more incredibly, our artist guest today approaches her creative output in a way that would ring more bells with a psychologist, business coach or mathematician than a highly EQ’d painter.

And perhaps that’s why Charlotte Giblin really is one out the box.

Eloquent, realistic, slightly left field but certainly no bohemian … we talk about Charlotte’s efforts to combine creative drive with financial nouse – and how giving in (but not up) can open the right doors to success.

You’ll need to take some time to listen to our chat because Charlotte’s a wonderful raconteur. She knows how to use words to back up her images; sees words as shields, olive branches,  weapons,  solutions, and looks at art as a vital method of social communication.

Video Clips
C Giblin_Talk at The Collaboration Sept
So it's not just me then?


This 65 minute talk was filmed from the speaker's podium and is available to watch in full - in 2 halves. The artworks are projected on a screen behind me during the talk - download the slide show pdf here to view the artworks more clearly and with better colour balance. They are also all featured within the Gallery section of this website

Open this pdf to see the full slideshow of images from 'So it's not just me then?'

So it's not just me then? Part ONE (33 minutes)

So it's not just me then? Part TWO (33 minutes)

Welcome to my studio gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand! For those who can't get to the art trail, join me for this short introduction into my studio and the variety of contemporary fine art on display and for sale.

...Giving some context and background to the portrait of my Mum, Drawing Breath, from my solo exhibition 'What Matters Most'

A close-up look at my finished portrait 'There's Something About Mary' - using an interesting combination of techniques with acrylic paint. This painting is a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand Adam Portraiture Awards

...Giving some extra details about this portrait - of an amazing and inspiring 86 year old! This artwork is from my solo exhibition 'What Matters Most'

The emotion and meaning behind this gorgeous warm portrait - from my solo exhibition 'What Matters Most'

This clip explains more about my relationship with Karen, in this serene portrait of a beautiful, strong woman. This painting is from my solo portrait exhibition 'What Matters Most'

This portrait brings a smile to everyone's face - a close friend in absolute stitches! This beautiful woman is part of my solo portrait exhibition 'What Matters Most'