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Art Tuition and Online Courses

I am a very experienced art tutor, specialising in realistic drawing and

acrylic painting with palette-knife and brush.

My classes and online courses are friendly and accessible (with a healthy dose of humour!),

focusing on learning new artistic skills and developing increased personal and

creative confidence through your art practice.


Email me here to ask about any in-person classes coming up or opportunities for private tuition.

You can access free drawing and painting tutorial videos (showing specific techniques) through my YouTube Channel Charlotte Giblin Art 


On this page you will be able to download and purchase comprehensive step-by-step painting courses. Each course has many different parts, showing the painting process in real-time with full commentary, colour-mixing demonstration,

and the 'why' behind my artistic decision-making.

The first video in each course is completely free so you can check out my teaching style and decide whether you are interested in completing the full painting workshop.


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