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Painting and drawing commissions are an incredible way to purchase an original artwork which has

specific personal meaning for you,

or as a bespoke gift for a special occasion!

How do commissions work?

First step: Get in touch with your idea! 

  • Maybe you want to capture precious memories of a loved one with a painted portrait, or a scenic view of a favourite landscape for a special wedding gift?

  • Maybe you've always wanted a large-scale abstract piece for your office but haven't ever found the right one?

  • There is absolutely no obligation for a purchase at this stage of the process. By seeing your ideas and discussing options I will be able to give you a quote for the project.

Second step: discuss size of painting, subject, style and delivery time.

  • Commissions are priced according to size, but there are also factors which can influence cost like detail/complexity and projects with a very tight deadline. 

  • If you have a budget I can let you know what sizes are possible: you might be surprised!

  • Portraits are painted from photographs, so make sure you are prepared with some good clear images for me to use!

  • We can discuss the style of artwork you'd like: as you can see from my main Gallery of images I work in a wide variety of painting styles, from Classical realistic portraiture to contemporary, textured abstract pieces.

Third step: final details and high quality images 

  • Once we have discussed the size of your commission, delivery date and all the specific details you want in the artwork, there will be a simple written agreement sent to you with all of the commission details settled upon.

  • For any commissions of "real people and places" it is vital to supply high quality images for me to work from: particularly for a portrait. (Ideally, I take photos of the subject, but of course that is not always possible).

Sizes and prices

  • After going through the steps above I will be able to give you a comprehensive quote for your project.

  • Cost will be clearly laid out and include: consultation, preparation, materials, artist's painting time, delivery, any additional charges (like Paypal fees and delivery) so you have one fee, with no extra surprises! 

  • A deposit is required at the outset (usually 50%), and the remaining balance to be paid when the commission is completed. 

  • Much larger works (murals for example) operate under a different fee structure - email for more info if you want to discuss mural ideas!

  • Any size is possible from A3 up (approx. 12 x 16" or 30 x 40cm).

Let's talk!

Message received! Thanks!

Commission by C Giblin 2021 Geoff and Kirsty
Commission by C Giblin 2021 Jane Madsen
Two Girls Together in Welly by C Giblin
Acrylic portrait Commission by C Giblin 2021

Portrait commissions: choose from Classical style (realistic) or Contemporary

Fridays by Charlotte Giblin
C GIBLIN Keith on top of the mountain

Landscape commissions: choose from Classical (realistic) or contemporary (more abstract or textured or surreal etc)

The Mount - painting commisison by Charlotte Giblin
Otama Beach 2016 by Charlotte Giblin
Summer Stroll 2020 - acrylic painting by Charlotte Giblin
Charlotte Giblin's fruit and grocery shop mural in Hamilton, New Zealand

the image above is a mural in Hamilton, New Zealand. It's approx. 6m x 1.5m

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