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the healing room (2023)

the healing room (2023)

Ever since I learnt that cut or damaged trees are nourished by the root systems of the surrounding healthy trees, my forest paintings have taken on new meanings! For years I have painted forests and tree stumps, and never understood the full significance of the healing symbolism within them. They always grew without conscious thought on my canvas, and I applied stories to them in retrospect. When I found myself creating a cut tree in this collection, I had a different perspective which gave me goosebumps.

There is veiled mystery in this forest ceremony, and yet it feels wholly positive and redemptive. It is undeniably a healing dance, there is magic happening, and the nurturing communal response is one of absolute love.


Part of my solo exhibition 'returning to the source' at Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville during March 2023.


    • 510 x 510mm
    • acrylic paint on canvas
    • semi-gloss varnish
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