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returning to the source (2023)

returning to the source (2023)

This became the painting with the most layering and complexity in the collection, as the story within it changed dramatically during its creation. It became a painting about energy, protection, challenge, and the human spirit.

The bright sliver of light is intentionally suggestive and open to interpretation, despite the grounded realism of all the other elements within the work. The grand gateway of solid, mountainous, rocky formations feels to me like a protective force, guarding the precious river as it flows towards… who knows what?

There are so many directions for the mind to wander in and to explore across this landscape, but for me, it signifies my return to the purity of an unknown creative source after a challenging odyssey. The joy of feeling a cool breeze on your face when you reach the summit, and the triumph and relief of seeing an easy way forward.


Part of my solo exhibition 'returning to the source' which opens at Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville on March 18th 2023.


For more info about this work contact the gallery:

167 Thames Street, Morrinsville 3300, New Zealand

+64 7 889 7791


    • 762 x 1220mm
    • acrylic paint on canvas
    • semi-gloss varnish
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