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Drawing Breath (2016)

Drawing Breath (2016)

The story behind the painting

Drawing Breath (2016)

This is Rachel, my Mum. The sketches and reference photos for this painting were done on the day before I left her home in Liverpool, heading back to NZ, after my 2016 trip to the UK. I’m very close to my Mum – we still talk every week on the phone – and over the years we’ve discussed everything, often at the tea table, where we’ll sit together long after the tea has gone. Mum’s fragile physique is largely a result of anorexia and nervous anxiety but it camouflages a strong life force and a warmth and generosity which have been both inspiring and incredibly encouraging. Mum has been supportive of all of my creative endeavours, and delighted in sharing my journey – and I’ve found her (quite different) response to life one of the most important factors in establishing my own ideas and outlook.



    • 915 x 610 mm
    • acrylic paint on board
  • Postage / Delivery


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