Nestled with Lisa - on that sofa (2018)

Nestled with Lisa - on that sofa (2018)

The story behind the painting

Nestled with Lisa (on that sofa) (2018)

Another European who I became close friends with through my work with the Mercury Bay Art Escape, Lisa and I found kindred spirits in one another.

My 5 years in Whitianga were transformative, both professionally and personally, and Lisa was there every step of the way. Our regular dinners together were always a glowing highlight of the week, followed by a movie and more chat on her enormous triangular sofa, piled high with cushions. It became a space of cosy refuge when things felt tough, and of luxurious relaxing celebration when everything was good.

Lisa looks at me with such overt warmth and adoration – I feel enveloped by her unconditional love – and I know that the “anything goes” friendship we have is very special indeed.

We have journeyed great distances and are now both leaving Whitianga on new adventures, but I know we’ll always be together...


    • 900 x 700 mm
    • acrylic paint on marine ply
  • Postage / Delivery