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Studio Gallery

Visit my home Studio Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand -a large, light versatile space with a wonderful atmosphere!


This special room can be transformed into a professional Gallery space to display my latest collections of work, as well as being an open area for art workshops and floor talks.


Come and see what's on my easel, and learn more about my painting process and the stories behind each piece!

Groups are welcome - bring your friends for an informal visit, or come with an art group for some creative discussion! 

This is also an excellent location for my drawing and painting workshops - I teach groups of up to 9 students (which gives an exceptional amount of one-on-one tuition) and I offer tailored guidance in a wide range of subjects, to transform your technical skills and creative direction

Maybe you want to fill a wall space but don't know where to start? I can help you choose the perfect artwork for your work or home environment.

Email me to be added to my Studio Gallery list - for all the latest news about Open Studio events and exhibitions... don't miss out on these great occasions!

Charlotte Giblin art studio 2020
Charlotte Giblin art studio 2020
Floor Talk at Utopia Found art exhibition with Charlotte Giblin
Floor Talk at Utopia Found art exhibition with Charlotte Giblin
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