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The Joy of Making Brigitte Laugh (2018)

The Joy of Making Brigitte Laugh (2018)

The story behind the painting

The Joy of Making Brigitte Laugh (2018)

A remarkable woman in so many ways, with a rich history of work – and experience – in Europe and New Zealand, my path crossed with Brigitte’s when her husband joined my life drawing classes in Whitianga.

Brigitte’s own creativity spans many spheres, from ceramic sculpture to organic soaps and creams, and from massage to healing and clairvoyance.

Funnily enough, Brigitte moved to New Plymouth about 4 months before we did, and it was so reassuring to have a good friend in our new location before we’d even arrived!

This portrait was done 10 months after Brigitte suffered a really nasty break to her leg – just before she moved house – which immobilised her, causing great pain and frustration. A fiercely independent woman who had been an athlete and fitness trainer for the last 35 years, this injury also created the necessity for a different focus – both professionally and personally – which Brigitte adjusted to admirably (and with humour) in her new location.

Possessing one of the warmest spirits and driest wits I’ve ever encountered, causing this infectious throaty giggle to bubble forth from a creased-up Brigitte is one of the best feelings ever!


    • 900 x 700 mm
    • acrylic paint on marine ply
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