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ART for HIRE - New Plymouth

Transform your work or home environment
add colour, energy and creativity
with a regular rotation of personally curated fine art
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'Why you need art in your workplace'
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images, info, stats, fee structure and artist profile
Art at Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

Above: 'Almost Through' (featured in Landscapes Gallery) at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

art on wall sample 2.jpg

Pictured above: 'The Dreamer' (featured in 'Figurative' gallery)

Art at Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

Have you always wanted to have some original pieces of contemporary fine art on your workplace walls, but didn't know where to start?

Are you staging a property for sale? Maybe you would love some original art at home but want to live with a few pieces first before choosing which to purchase?

Countless studies have shown that having art in your workplace stimulates better communication, brightens up your space and generates new forms of conversation with your clients. However, choosing artworks can feel stressful and be time-consuming, particularly if you have a shared workplace and limited budget.

As an experienced gallery director, curator 

and professional fine artist 

I can offer a simple, 

stress-free package for you.

After an initial visit (free of charge) to discuss your ideas and view the space, I will install the required number of artworks from my collection and change them according to the program we establish together.

All works are my original paintings, and will also be for sale. If there is a direct sale of artwork from your location (to a client, or if a staff member decides to purchase) then you will receive a 10% commission on the sale - which in some cases will cover months of your lease agreement!

What are you waiting for?! Contact me today to book an appointment and to discuss any further details

Regular Contract

min. 3 months:

works changed every 6 weeks

Small works

(30-60cm width): 

$60 per month (per painting) 

Med-Large works

(65-150cm width): 

$80 per month (per painting)

Short-term contract

(on a weekly basis)

Small works:

$25 per week (per painting)


Med-Large works:

$30 per week (per painting) 

Introductory Offer!

Sign up for 3+ paintings on a 3-month trial and receive a 4th painting (of any size)

rent-free for 6 weeks!

These Art for Hire packages are currently available in New Plymouth - surrounding areas in Taranaki may have extra delivery charges.

Minimum leasing period is 3 months (unless on a weekly contract basis).

Artwork will be changed every 6 weeks, giving 8 new exhibitions/displays each year. In some circumstances paintings may be repeated , however I will endeavour to always keep the artwork new for you and your space.

'Charlotte Giblin Art' is a sole trader and currently not registered for GST.

above: 'Stop Looking for the Gate!' (featured in Landscapes gallery) at Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

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